Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME) is committed to conducting its activities in a sustainable manner. We work to reduce our own climate footprint and promote diversity in the maritime industry.

Sustainable development GOALS

The UN’s sustainable development goals

The UN’s sustainable development goals provide a framework for the world to work together in a bid to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and halt climate change by 2030. Of the UN’s 17 sustainability goals, NME has chosen to focus on goals 5, 12 and 17 in our work.

5 – Gender equality

Gender equality is a fundamental human right. It concerns equal access to resources, power, influence and opportunity, regardless of gender. Everyone is welcome to participate in, or visit, our Team Norway pavilions, irrespective of their gender, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation and origin. And everyone should be treated in a respectful and equal way.

Diversity and gender equality are important for NME. At our annual ERFA conferences (knowledge sharing events) we work to increase the proportion of female participants and speakers. We believe that by promoting women and women’s competence in this way can contribute to increased respect and greater equality. Visible women in a male-dominated industry can also function as role models for young women, and thus contribute to more women applying to work in the maritime industry.

The proportion of female board members on the NME board has historically been around 50 percent. It is our goal to maintain an even gender distribution of board members.

12 – Responsible consumption and production

At NME we work to reduce our own climate footprint in connection with the production and implementation of our Team Norway pavilions at trade fairs. We aim to reduce the amount of waste through material selection, reuse and recycling. Furthermore, we encourage our members to do the same.

We also try to influence the trade fair organizers we cooperate with to commit to a more sustainable implementation of their activities, including recycling and the reuse of building materials.

17 – Partnerships for the goals

NME is an interest organization with many environmentally conscious members within the maritime equipment manufacturing and service provider segments. These members often collaborate with one another and NME encourages further cooperation wherever possible. In particular, we see potential for close cooperation within the green shipping segment, supporting development and contributing to the UN’s goal of halting climate change by 2030.

Exhibition organizers are important partners for NME, both in Norway and internationally. Other partners include organizations within the Norwegian public support system and sister organizations in other European countries. In these arenas, NME tries to encourage everyone to work in a manner that is as environmentally-friendly and responsible as possible.

NME’s Team Norway pavilions at trade fairs function as a meeting place for our members and the markets, locally and globally. Our members consist of a diverse group of innovative companies that work to make the maritime industry more sustainable. NME acts as a facilitator for collaboration between them.

About Norwegian Maritime Exporters

Since 1995, Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME) has served as a vital link between Norwegian maritime companies and the global markets. We are owned by our members and work globally to promote our members and the Norwegian maritime industry.

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