Restech Norway

Restech Norway AS was established in 1989 and our main office is located in Bodø, a small city north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. We are the inventor and manufacturer of the Pneumatic Line Thrower, PLT®, a product that has become very popular because of its simplicity and efficiency.
The development of the PLT® started long before 1989, when a SAR Captain decided he wanted a line thrower that could be re-used, did not use explosives and solid enough for a rough and wet environment, oppose to the gunpowder rockets. The PLT® has been tested in some of the harshest environments on the planet.
The quality requirements resulted in the most reliable, safe and intuitive line thrower on the market.
The PLT® increases operational efficiency and safety. A wide range of professions are using the PLT® Solas PLT® Multi PLT® Mini globally both at sea and on land.
We supply globally through our network of distributors.
Petter Olsen