PASSER Group is an EPCI supplier within wind, renewables and cryogenic insulation for future fuels and offshore SURF markets with the mission to make life easy for their customers.

PASSER as Started as NLI Offshore & Marine Products in 2005, as part of the NLI Group. The core business was EPCI projects for the offshore industry, mainly cable handling equipment such as offshore reels for mooring rope, umbilicals and power cables.
Farvatn Capital AS acquired NLI Technology in December 2016, including the subsidiaries NLI Offshore & Marine Products AS (established in 2005) and NLI Innovation AS (established in 2008). Farvatn Capital is owned by JO Odfjell in Bergen. It is a well recognized ship-owner family, active for the last century. JO Odfjell are also known for being one of the world leading chemical-carrier owners since 1950 until 2016. Sold out their main shipping company JO Tankers in 2016.
NLI Offshore & Marine Products was then rebranded as PASSER with the company profile seen today.
PASSER consists of PASSER Group, PASSER Marine, PASSER Rental, PASSER Cable Handling and PASSER-Lanyu