Skipsrevyen’s Ship of the Year nominations are ready

Member news | 8 June 2020
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Three ships are nominated for the prestigious award Ship of the Year 2020, from the Norwegian magazine Skipsrevyen (Ship Review). The three vessels nominated for this year’s vessels are “Ro Vision”, “Yara Birkeland” and “REV Ocean”.

The nominations for this year’s vessels therefore span a wide field from wellboats to research vessels and autonomous container ships. “All three vessels have unique qualities”, says the jury chairman and editor in chief of Skipsrevyen, Gustav-Erik Blaalid.

“One is the world’s first hybrid wellboat and another is the world’s first autonomous container ship. Kjell Inge Røkke’s new research vessel will become state of the art within its class and will combine research, environment and commercial players in new ways.”

With these nominations, the shipbuilding industry on the Møre coast has made a solid mark since all the three nominated ships are being built at the Larsnes and Vard Brattvåg shipyards. The latter is responsible for both “Yara Birkeland” and “REV Ocean”.

The award has been handed out every two years during SMM in Hamburg. As SMM is postponed until February 2021, Skipsrevyen will hand out the award during a ceremony in Bergen on September 16 this year.

Here are the nominees, in random order:

MS Ro Vision

Main facts:

  • Name: Ro Vision
  • Yard: Larsnes Mek
  • Design: SK 6000 DEH III from Skipskompetanse
  • Length: 84.20 metres
  • Width: 15.50 metres
  • Gross Tonnage: 3623
  • Engine: Yanmar 6EY22ALW.
  • Gear: Finnøy G70F
  • Thrusters: Brunvoll
  • Batteries: Siemens

In April, the wellboat company Rostein took delivery over its new flagship “Ro Vision” from Larsnes Mek Verksted. This is the world’s first hybrid wellboat, and according to SalMar’s Executive Vice President, only the start of green development in the wellboat industry.

“Ro Vision” was designed by Rostein together with Skipskompetanse in Måløy and is the sixth boat based around a joint design solution developed for Rostein.

“This commitment underpins our soul, which is committed to new technology,” says Glen Bradley, Rostein’s vice president.

The wellboat’s forward propulsion is provided by an electric motor. Power is supplied by three diesel generators and by a large battery compartment has been created in accordance with regulations.

MV Yara Birkeland

Main facts:

  • Name: Yara Birkeland
  • Yard: Vard Brattvåg
  • Length: 80 metres
  • Width: 15 metres
  • Draught: 6 metres
  • Gross Tonnage: 3,150 tonnes
  • Capacity: 105 TEU
  • Batteries: 6.8 MWh

“Yara Birkeland” is under construction at Vard Brattvåg, and is expected to be delivered during this year. In May 2019, the project won the prestigious Special Prize Norway award at the Green Awards in Berlin.

Yara and Kongsberg are behind the ship, which can be moored, loaded and unloaded automatically and electrically. The Norwegian government’s green energy agency Enova has contributed NOK 133 million in support of the project.

“Yara Birkeland” will have a capacity of 105 TEU and annually will replace approx. 40,000 truck trips with a combined distance of about one million kilometres. The solutions at sea and on land reduce a total of 750 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year and significantly reduce energy consumption.

MS REV Ocean

Main facts:

  • Name: REV Ocean
  • Yard: Vard Brattvåg
  • Owner: Rev Ocean
  • Length: 183 metres
  • Width: 22 metres
  • Engine: 4x Wärtsilä 8L26 2.7 MW ea
  • Design: Espen Øino.

Kjell Inge Røkke has promised to spend at least NOK 4.2 billion of his own money on this project.

“REV Ocean” will be equipped to carry out missions covering the entire global marine ecosystem and will be equipped to test and develop new solutions. The vessel will be used by scientists and innovators for solution-oriented research that explores issues such as the effect of CO2 emissions on the sea, plastic pollution and taxation of fishery resources.

The vessel is 182.9 metres long and will have the capacity to have 55 scientists on board and a crew of 35. Equipment on board includes scientific trawls, sonar systems, laboratories, auditorium, moonpool, Triton submarine with 2,300-metre depth capacity, a ROV with 6,000-metre depth range and advanced communication equipment.

In 2019, Skipsrevyen received a tremendous response to its poll. Nearly 30,000 votes were cast before it became clear that MS “Color Hybrid” would win the award.

The jury consists of:

  • Gustav-Erik Blaalid (Jury Chairman) – Editor in Chief – Skipsrevyen
  • Sverre Steen – Head of Department at the Department of Marine Engineering, NTNU
  • Lars Gørvell-Dahl – Head of Norwegian Industry, a national association in the Norwegian Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise

For further questions, please contact:

Gustav-Erik Blaalid

+47 916 39 142

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