Member news | 9 April 2017
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The Norwegian maritime industry is a worldwide success story. Defined by innovation, driven by expertise and committed to quality, our suppliers deliver services and products that help global customers excel in the toughest business environments.

“Salt water runs through our veins,” explains Erlend Prytz, CEO of Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME). “The ocean is central to the past, present and future of this country, and we’ve been focused on utilizing its immense opportunities since time began.”

“Our members aren’t just a collection of companies, it’s a pool of people dedicated to mastering maritime challenges – using their unique expertise to provide solutions that keep their customers one step ahead.”

“We’re here to help them do that: To meet the industry globally.”

Perfect partners
Erlend Prytz, CEO of Norwegian Maritime Exporters.

NME is a maritime matchmaker. It represents, and is owned by, its 90 plus member companies. Together these firms employ 20,000 people and have an annual value creation of some NOK 60 billion (approximately USD 7.25 billion).

NME works to bring its members’ expertise to the markets, utilising a broad range of international initiatives such as exhibitions, trade delegations, networking programmes, knowledge sharing projects, and more.

NME opens doors for them, while giving you – the customer – access to world leading products and services for shipowners, operators, yards, energy companies, and the fishing/aquaculture industries.

The result? Relationships that last.

Think Norwegian

“Whatever you want to know about Norwegian maritime suppliers, talk to NME,” says Prytz.

We have a unique cluster of expertise in Norway and we’re here to support it, while helping you, the customer, connect with our members and their unique competency. Our base is here in Norway but, with agents and activities in more than 130 countries, we’re committed to being wherever we are needed.

“That is who we are, this is what we do – meeting you globally.”

What’s next

NME represents companies delivering excellence across the full spectrum of the maritime industry.

Key areas include:
Accommodation equipment
Air, gas & pneumatic equipment
Automation & control
Construction & operation services
Construction/fabrication equipment & software
Deck machinery & equipment
Engineering/management service & software
Fire protection & detection equipment
Green technology solutions
Hydraulic equipment, fluid transfer & treatment
Lifesaving, rescue & safety
Materials, protection & insulation
Navigation & communication
Power generation, propulsion & maneuvering
Special purpose equipment
Structures & outfitting details
Tanks & heating/cooling equipment
Water treatment & water makers

Find our members’ details at our website, or contact us to discover who can provide the world-class solutions your business demands.

We are here for our members, we are here for you, all across the world.

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