NME met politicians from the Labour party

Member news | 12 March 2021
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This week we met with Labour party politicians and parliament members Åsunn Lyngedal and Terje Aasland. Political advisor for the Labour party Andreas Bjelland Eriksen also attended. Participants from NME were board member Tore Andersen (Optimarin) and CEO Erlend Prytz.

We explained the difficulties the Corona pandemic has given the industry in general and Norwegian Maritime Exporters in particular. NME does not qualify for any of the governmental support schemes set up due to the pandemic, and as such we have lost a significant part of our savings. We urge the Labour Party to help us!

Further, we informed about various governmental financial funding given to our sister organizations in countries like UK, Denmark, Germany, and Singapore. These provisions makes it much harder for NME and our members to compete in international markets.

Lyngedal and Aasland promised to look into the situation and, without any promises, would see if anything can be done to support us. We thank Åsunn and Terje for a very constructive and positive meeting!

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