New CEO of Ulstein Group

Member news | 14 October 2020
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From 2 November there will be changes in group management. After almost 22 years as CEO, Gunvor Ulstein has decided to step down from her operational role. Going forward, Gunvor and Tore Ulstein will concentrate on the longer-term possibilities for Ulstein. They are happy to welcome CFO Cathrine K. Marti as new CEO.

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Steps down as CEO

After almost 22 years, Gunvor Ulstein steps down as CEO of Ulstein Group. During this period, she has managed the group through good and bad times.

“Stepping down as CEO does not reduce my dedication to Ulstein Group. Through my positions as Chair of the Board of Ulsmo (Ulstein Group’s majority owner) and board member of several Ulstein companies, I will continue my engagement to ensure a viable future for the group,” says Gunvor Ulstein.

“Ulstein is a family owned company. With my decision to step down from the operational role, I will be able to, through my role as Chair of Ulsmo and together with the Chair of the Board of Ulstein Group, Tore Ulstein, concentrate on the more long-term and strategic opportunities for the group and the maritime industry.”

Cathrine Marti (left) and Gunvor Ulstein.
Photo: Ulstein Group/ Cathrine Marti (left) and Gunvor Ulstein.

“We have always adapted the group to the market, and we will continue to do so through continuous change and development. After having completed the transition from oil and gas and into new segments, COVID-19 put us to the test. COVID-19 has impacted most businesses regardless of industry, we have adapted to a new everyday life and constantly changing regulations, and we must expect to continue with this until a vaccine is in place”, she says.

“Gunvor is known as a skilled and vigorous CEO, and as Chair of the Board I would like to thank her for her great commitment through many years, in Ulstein Group and also outside the company. I look forward to our further collaboration on the development of Ulstein Group”, comments Tore Ulstein.

Tore Ulstein stepped down from his operational positions in Ulstein on 1 September 2020, to concentrate on the long-term strategic possibilities for the group together with Gunvor Ulstein.

New CEO of Ulstein Group

Cathrine Kristiseter Marti has been appointed as the new CEO of Ulstein Group. Gunvor Ulstein and Tore Ulstein welcome her in her new position. Cathrine Marti comes from the position as CFO, a role she has had for the past six years. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the Université Toulouse 1 Capitole/McGill University. Throughout her whole career, she has been working in the maritime industry, and has previously worked at Höegh Autoliners and DnB Shipping & Offshore.

“Cathrine Marti will be working together with a very skilled and competent administration, and she has the expertise and the qualities needed to succeed in heading Ulstein Group into the future”, says Tore Ulstein.

Cathrine Marine starts as CEO on 2 November 2020.

Cathrine Marti is new CEO in Ulstein Group from 2 November.
Photo: Ulstein Group/ Cathrine Marti is new CEO in Ulstein Group from 2 November.

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