Member news | 22 March 2017
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Interested in joining a company network to unlock maritime opportunities in South Africa, with a special focus on Green/ Smart Ports?

Smart ports, terminals, and related logistics and transport industries will be crucial for African countries to achieve their economic growth ambitions over the coming years. To beneficiate and export commodity assets, countries throughout the continent need efficient, innovative transport and logistics environments.

Why South Africa?

– Concrete business opportunities as a result of drive to develop Blue Economy

– Strategic position on a busy sea route

– Strong engineering backbone, with companies used to operating in Africa. Potential for JV’s/ partnerships

– Solid legal and banking systems

– Gateway to Sub Sahara Africa

Description of opportunity areas

The South African Transnet National Ports Authority has embarked on a process to introduce smart and green port solutions. The objective of this project is to improve the decision making process through intelligent situational awareness with the aim of making the port cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Some of the highlighted topics

– Vessel bilge discharge monitoring

– Water Quality monitoring

– Renewable energy, reducing the ports need for grid power, and also feeding into the ‘Green Port’ idea

– Mini ROV systems

o Quay inspections

o Berth inspections

o Vessel hull inspections

o Outfall inspections

– Environmental monitoring

o Wind Speed

o Currents

o Visibility monitoring

o Wave – eg coastal radar

Emission control and ballast water management are of interest to local shipyards and repair yards.

There currently is a window of opportunity for solution providers addressing the areas mentioned above. Please register your interest in this concrete business opportunity, as soon as possible.


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