Member news | 16 February 2016
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Kongsberg Maritime has completed the delivery and installation of a suite of new bridge simulators for Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation. The new simulators at the Ministry of Transportation’s Maritime Training Centre, located at its headquarters in Jakarta, will be used for the assessment of Indonesian seafarers applying for seagoing certification, for local and international operations.

KONGSBERG simulators will support the Ministry of Transportation to significantly reduce the time taken and the tools required to assess Indonesian seafarers. This is especially important in today’s context, as assessments for the certifications have become more stringent. Contemporary seafarer assessment includes customised criteria pre-defined by the assessor and a stronger focus on the human factor in maritime operations.

KONGSBERG’s K-Sim Polaris simulator was selected as the basis for the Indonesian ‘Certificate of Competency’ assessment through a competitive tender. The scope of supply includes 1 x DNV GL A Compliant Full Mission Bridge simulator with 240° Field of View and 10 x Part task simulators.

Future migration to KONGSBERG’s new generation bridge simulator technology platform K-Sim Navigation is accommodated in the contract as part of a five-year Long Term Simulator Support Program (LTSSP), which features an extensive customised service package. Kongsberg Maritime will also develop new simulator models and exercise areas as part of its delivery.

“The contract reflects the growing importance of having a realistic simulated vessel navigation and communications environment to support the quality of assessment,” said Asraf Ibrahim, Area Sales Manager, Kongsberg Maritime.

“Ultimately, our simulators can reduce operational costs for the training and assessment organisation, and the shipowners, while improving maritime safety and efficiency by supporting seafarers to work with more knowledge and proficiency.”

The Ministry of Transportation will also use its new simulator suite for re-certification of local seafarers in order to address the high demand for maritime competency in the region, due to the increasing number of vessels being built for transporting goods around the archipelagic state of Indonesia.

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