Member news | 9 December 2016
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Vestdavit’s digital library of 2D and 3D davit drawings is providing a powerful tool for ship designers, allowing them to download davit CAD files to include in their vessel conceptualisation files on a ‘cut and paste’ basis.

Vestdavit’s large range of davits, covering naval, coastguard, commercial marine and offshore sectors, can be accessed via a web portal developed with CAD-based platform innovator SolidComponents. Drawings are available as Step files in all relevant CAD formats and the files are easy to work with and download for use within overall vessel design, and continuously updated.

“Naval architects log into the Vestdavit digital library and download exactly what they need within a couple of minutes, without the frustrations of exchanging large data files via email or follow up phone calls,” says Bjørnar Dahle, Vestdavit Sales and Business Development Director. A downloaded davit drawing, including accurate measurements, can simply be pasted into the project a designer is working on. Designers can also explore a menu of optional Davit extras to refine their specifications.

“Using the digital database means that naval architects can have the exact drawings they need at their fingertips,” adds Dahle. “Envisaging the way adjusting one parameter affects other parts of the davit installation is an automated process, meaning that designers can see the consequences of their decisions in an easily navigable procedure.”

Take a look at the Vestdavit digital drawing library by following this link. www.solidcomponents.com

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