Member news | 11 October 2018
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Cruise Norway International Cruise Conference Stavanger finds place at Radission Blu Atlantic Hotel in Stavanger 29-30 October. Cruise Norways ambition is to offer a Conference program that gives the attendants insight and understanding of the possibilities and threats that will mark the cruise industry in the years ahead. Both internationally and especially in Norway. The conference is also a brilliant place for making new aquaintants and networking. News of the year is a session with David Beckett. He gives a crash course in how to succseed  with short and precise messages. 

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About Cruise Norway: 

Cruise Norway is a marketing company owned by Norwegian cruise ports, destination companies, attractions and suppliers to the incoming cruise industry in Norway. Established in 1992, Cruise Norway serves as a B2B cruise network and marketing organ for all major Norwegian cruise ports including Svalbard. Cruise Norway only works B2B and our main objective is to market Norway as the world’s most popular nature based cruise destination.

They concentrate their efforts at a number of arenas in order to provide the best possible service for the cruise lines and for their partners.
Through a close dialogue with the Norwegian stakeholders and partners they have developed a set of Quality Guidelines, helping Norway to deliver the best possible quality and service. The quality guidelines were revised in 2016.


Cruise Norway has developed an Early Warning System, a cruise calendar with an overview of cruise calls to Norwegian cruise ports 3 years ahead. This tool is a valuable aide to help cruise lines plan their future cruises to Norway.

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