Member news | 31 March 2017
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Rapp Marine are pleased to announce a new contract for complete electric deck machinery to a new pelagic trawler for Research Fishing Company in Shetland.

In a notable first for the Scottish/ Shetland pelagic fleet, the new FV Research will feature a full electric deck machinery package.

– Many thanks to Skippers Gary and Richard Williamson
and partners of th_MG_5279e Research Fishing Company for choosing Rapp Marine as their supplier for the third time, and this time choosing in particular our electric system as a solution for the future, says a very pleased Mr. Stenkjær.

Join the the technologhy of the future

The very latest technology is used on all equipment onboard this modern vessel and Rapp Marine is no exception in this.

The owners main focus when designing the vessel was safety, efficiency, fish quality and crew comfort in fishing operations.

-We felt that Rapp electric equipment would help in all those areas, with its efficient & near silent operation, confirms Richard Williamson, Skipper and Partner of the Research Fishing Company.

– Having now had 20 years experience with Rapp we’ve found it to be very robust & reliable machinery while the after care and service has always been there when we’ve needed it, which has led to a very good working relationship between our engineers and Rapp both in Norway and the UK.

The powerful main deck machinery onboard will include 2 x 90t split trawl winches and 2 x 95t net drums developed for efficient operations.

New trend

– It is extremely gratifying that the Scottish/ Shetland pelagic fleet is now acknowledging the significant technical and commercial benefits of installing Rapp Marine electrical deck machinery on their vessels, says Stenkjær.

-The pelagic fleet has traditionally been a loyal user of Rapp Marine hydraulic deck machinery over the years, machinery which was continuously developed in accordance with the clear requirements of, and feedback from the fishing fleet. When we developed the electrical equipment for the fishing fleet we based the technology on the same experiences, philosophy and reliability that has stood us in good stead over the years, confirms Stenkjær.

Research Fishing Company in Shetland build its 3rd Skipsteknisk-designed Pelagic Trawler at Vard Group AS in Norway. The vessel will join the Whalsay pelagic fleet in September 2018.

Full range of Rapp Marine electric deck machinery:

2 off. Main Trawl Winches 90t

2 off. Cable reel (Aft) for electrical cable for fish pump.

1 off. Tail End Winch 44t

2 off. Fish hose reel (Aft) 20”.

1 off. Top-line winch 57t

2 off. Electric Fish pumps.

2 off. Net drums 95t

2 off. Electric drive system for Fish pumps.

9 off. Mooring Winches 7t

1 off. Auto Trawl model PTS-Pentagon CbusEF.

4 off. Auxiliary winch 5t

1 off. Anchor winch

2 off. Net sounder winch

The electrical main drive system for all EL-winches, with Active Front End including two Rectifier and internal DC link, is divided into two sections to allow the winches to operate with reduced capacity if one sections fails.

System voltage: 3x440V / 60Hz and 2 x Power supply ea. 1000A, 1300kW. Nominal continuous duty at 440VAC.

Rapp Marine Group:

– The principal owners are the PE fund Nord Kapitalforvaltning AS

– Rapp Marine Group is a global supplier of advanced and innovative solutions of electric and hydraulic deck machinery fisheries, research, offshore and workboats.

– Rapp Marine Group is today one of the largest suppliers of electric and hydraulic deck machinery for fishing vessels and all types of research vessels.

– The company opened a new, modern mechanical workshop in Serbia in 2014.

– The head office, with management, engineering, project management, sales / marketing and other staff functions are located in Bodo. Beyond this, the company is represented with considerable operations in respectively the US and UK, as well as with a comprehensive service and agent network in all relevant regions.

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