Member news | 24 March 2017
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When travelling on business trips around the world it is a great risk to bring computers, tablets and mobilephones.

In many countries e-services might try to take control of the gadgets via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or by phisically break into the hardware, to then install hidden software which can make outsiders able to download all files, read all emails, control the microphone and camera of your device, and get access to the company’s data systems when you get back to the office.

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If you need to bring a computer, tablet, mobilephone etc., Albaran Multisys suggests you follow these guidelines:

1. Always use temporarily equipment
2. Avoid bringing confidencial information
3. Avoid using web services that requires a password
4. Use a temporarily email address
5. Never say yes to usb sticks
6. Be careful if you use encryption
7. Isolate temporarily equipment as soon as you get back home


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