Eksfin – Export Finance Norway is a governmental financial enterprise. Our mission is to ensure that Norwegian export industries are financially competitive abroad. Eksfin provides financing solutions to clients of the export sector and the entire maritime value chain.

Eksfin can provide long-term financing to shipping companies ordering ships built in in Norway or buying Norwegian maritime equipment. Eksfin can help Norwegian shipyards and maritime suppliers directly or indirectly by catering for their various needs, such as working capital, production capacity and liquidity needs.

Norwegian and foreign shipping companies, shipyards and maritime suppliers, as well as banks can apply for financing from Eksfin.

Eksfin – Export Finance Norway was established on 1 July 2021 through the merger of the Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency (GIEK) and Export Credit Norway.

Read more https://www.eksfin.no/en/industries/maritime/


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