Month: September 2019

Jotun transforms turnaround times for storage tanks with a new TankFast solution.

Sandefjord, 16 September 2019. Jotun, one of the global leaders in paints and coatings, is launching TankFast, a range of tank linings formulated to allow tanks to return back to service quicker than ever before, with excellent chemical resistance capabilities in the refinery, petrochemical and chemical industry. Peak performance  “To optimize earnings our customers need […]

NAVTOR and ScanReach connect ship and shore like never before

NAVTOR and ScanReach, two innovative players within the maritime technology arena, have signed a landmark agreement that paves the way for shipowners to have a connected, comprehensive and real-time view of vessel and fleet operations. The collaboration will connect a revolutionary onboard wireless IoT platform to a secure channel for sharing data between ship and […]

Offshore development helping drive Optimarin growth

The recovery of the offshore shipping segment is playing a key role in driving the revenues of ballast water treatment (BWT) specialist Optimarin to new heights. The Stavanger, Norway-based business, which has focused exclusively on BWT for the last 25 years, has just signed a number of fleet agreements, including a contract with Island Offshore […]

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